Furnish the office with wood

Furnish the office with wood

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The custom workspaces in an 'intelligent' way, they encourage the creativity, motivation and loyalty of those who work while strengthening their professional identity. It will be that the distinction between work and private life it becomes more and more subtle, but we all tend to render when possible the most domestic workplace it's ours friendlier office environment and more responsive to our tastes.

In terms of office environment and workspaces, the American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC) was invited to collaborate with the prestigious design magazine Wallpaper * and with the architect Adam Khan for rethinking the workplace in a modern way and present a radically new vision of how and where we should spend our working life.

Collaborating with the sculptor and manufacturer Adam Kershaw, whose carpentry is located in Kent, the architect Khan created the composition Octopus that defines, divides and connects different areas of the workplace. In his project Khan used the tulipier wood (American tulipwood) in the natural and thermo-treated version and combined it with a floor in maple (American maple) to create a warm and welcoming work environment.

Khan said: "The space was designed to define a generic open space. Octopus is a cross between furniture and structure and the spaces are defined by a succession of vertical panels of light and dark tulipwood. The natural color variations of the natural tulipwood create an intense marble effect that contrasts nicely with the dark color of the thermo-treated tulipwood, a material produced for outdoor use which is also used indoors when darker finishes are required ”.

Wood was supplied by Robert Morgan of Morgan Timber who appreciated the unusual use of natural tulipwood, unpainted, and the use of maple for flooring as an excellent alternative to the more used oak wood.

Structure Octopus by Adam Khan in tulipwood is exhibited in Milan to Wallpaper * -Handmade Exhibition beautiful month of April, after being presented in London during the exhibition The Wallpaper Workspace.

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