Warning! Lives without breathing

Warning! Lives without breathing

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I am sure that if an animal rights activist found himself passing by, seeing the photo shown above, the first thing he thought was: "poor fish! In such a small box! ". I assure you that no animals have been mistreated to take this and the other images in our photo gallery. No, it's not about photomontages but about realistic sculptures!

At first glance, it is impossible to understand that it is one sculpture! The Singaporean artist Keng Lye manages to create sculptures extremely realistic so much so that the observer thinks he is facing authentic animals. The materials used for the realization of the works are epoxy resin and acrylic paint. The collection of sculptures is literally entitled "Lives without breathing.


The sculptures consist of containers filled with various layers alternating between resins and paints, this is how Keng Lye manages to produce the surprising three-dimensional effect "freezing life " inside a box. For the realization of every single one sculpture, artist Keng Lye takes weeks, sometimes even months.

Keng Lye started producing realistic sculptures in 2012 but at first she was quite dissatisfied with flatness of the works, there was little depth. The depth was created by working with a mix of resins and acrylic paints. An example of three-dimensional work highly successful, is the octopus, it is with this work that the Singapore artist has managed to incorporate 3D elements into his works.


The most scrupulous know that theepoxy resin it is rather polluting, difficult to dispose of but it must be said that the work has an infinite life cycle, the sculpture remains immortalized over time. Furthermore, the artist, in his work which represents a "turtle", has well thought of using more natural materials such as the shell of an egg.

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