Wind power

The environmental impact of offshore wind

The environmental impact of offshore wind

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About wind farms everything has been said. They damage avifauna, produce noise pollution and cause the onset of a "pathology " known as "wind turbine syndrome". L'offshore wind he has not fared better, the fishermen claim that it takes away territory from the fishing sector, plus there are rumors that they could limit the efficiency of radar, indispensable tools for the safety of navigation.

As for the allegations onterrestrial wind, even those moved against theoffshore are not accompanied by concrete evidence, indeed, it seems that theoffshore wind could have a positive impact on marine life. This is confirmed by the study conducted by the Marine Institute of Plymouth University.

According to research from Plymouth University, theoffshore wind could have a positive impact on marine fauna, turbine structures could recreate a habitat similar to that of natural reefs. Furthermore, in the offshore wind farms trawling is prohibited therefore the fish "take refuge"Near the park. L'wind energy can significantly reduce the CO2 emissions without threatening energy security or Marine life.

The spread ofoffshore wind it is necessary to drastically reduce dependence on fossil fuels and to cut harmful emissions that cause ocean acidification, global warming and all the consequences related to climate change. In addition, the spread ofoffshore wind it could be useful to marine fauna. " This is what we read in the report (see attached pdf) by Martin Attrill of the "Plymouth University - Marine Institute

Another positive aspect that should not be underestimated is that the offshore turbines they recreate an environment that has all the characteristics to become the ideal habitat for some marine species, an example of which are mussels and crabs. Other objections to theoffshore wind power they point to the fact that the imposing turbines disfigure the coastal landscape.

It must be said that most of the offshore plant can not be seen from the coasts, moreover it is clearly more important to fight climate change rather than preserve something as subjective as a "pleasant view“, For example, I love the wind turbines! There Marine life suffers from acidification of the waters. This is why we need to focus on clean sources such aswind power. In addition, the acidification of the waters, like the same ones climate changes, have a negative effect on human health.

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