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Biogas also for Apple

Biogas also for Apple

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L'Apple has decided to double the capacity of the power plant of its North Carolina data center. The power plant is fuel cell and currently has a power of 5 MW. After theupgrade, its power will reach 10 MW making that of North Carolina, the largest fuel cell power plant in the world of hitech, thus snatching the title from the eBay.

With its 6 MW plant eBay could boast of being a pioneer of database power systems a biogas but Apple with its fuel cells is going down hard. The fuel cells Apple's powerhouse are powered by biogas from local landfills. The biogas it is very similar to natural gas in that it consists mainly of methane. It is precisely the methane that makes the biogas.

The biogas it is a by-product of the decay of organic matter (food waste, vegetable residues but also faeces and waste water). Not everyone has great faith in biogas therefore such energy resource it is not exploited enough. It is considered unreliable and sometimes even inefficient. Power plans for data centers and servers from giants such as eBay, Apple and, albeit to a lesser extent, Microsoft, serve the environment but even more to give greater visibility and trust to biogas as a source of energy.

The power projects of the fuel cells through biogas reduce the use of fossil fuels and show that there is another alternative energy source, biogas. If that Apple is the plant a biogas larger, that of Microsoft is the most innovative, it is the first direct integration of a data center with a source of biogas production; in other practices, the Microsoft data center derives its energy directly from a wastewater disposal center while the Apple and eBay data centers purchase the biogas from landfills specialized in such production.

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