The construction of the garden pond

The construction of the garden pond

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Having a pond in the garden is the dream of many of us. A rather easy dream to realize and without having to mobilize any capital. To make the pond more natural it will be necessary to avoid too precise geometric figures, so no circles and rectangles! A good rule to make more "natural" the pond is to create a small beach with pebbles.

Construction of the Pond, materials and tools

  • Waterproof sheet
  • Glue for waterproof sheets
  • Cement mortar
  • Sand, stones
  • Land obtained from the excavation
  • Mace
  • Trowel
  • Gloves

Construction of the Pond. The excavation
First, trace the perimeter of yours pond, remember it doesn't have to be geometric! First dig the edge and then continue inside by removing the earth. To allow the emptying of the pond, remember to give the excavation a slight slope so as to be able to convey the water to one point.

Once the excavation is complete, keep the clods of earth to cover the edges and smooth the bottom with a rake. Spread an even layer of at least 3cm of damp sand on the bottom and walls of the excavation.

Construction of the Pond. The cloth
Make sure you take a waterproof sheet of adequate size, it is absolutely not recommended to make cuts on the waterproof sheet, if it is too long, fold it and fix it with glue or hot. Spread the sheet on the raked bottom and lower it into the hole making it adhere to it.

Do not worry about getting a perfect fit because the water will think about it, rather place elements such as sand, stones and gravel arranged in a natural way on the bottom. More than to decorate, stones and gravel on the seabed will serve to hide the folds of the cloth while the sand could act as a substrate for particular aquatic plants.

Do not worry about the edges and fill the pond with a very slow flow of water: the high pressure could remove the gravel and stones previously placed. After a couple of days - the lining must have time to take the shape of the seabed - take care of the banks. The left cloth margin must be about 30 cm.

The banks are the most important part of the pond. Cover the edges of the pond with the turf previously removed from the excavation. You will need an 8-10 cm layer of soil and sod. If you want to create a sort of beach, the gravel and pebbles must decrease in size as you get closer to the water of the pond.

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