Electric scooters, 2013 incentives

Electric scooters, 2013 incentives

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If a hybrid scooter can easily delapidate our small capital, the situation changes when it comes to electric scooters. The prices of electric scooters they are more than accessible, plus, with 50 euro cents you can travel over 60 kilometers! The electric scooters, being carriers of sustainable mobility, predict incentives state but also local.

Who wants to buy one electric scooter can count on a state incentive that sees:

  • Stamp exemption for the first 5 years
  • 50% reduction in third party liability insurance policies for electric motorcycles and scooters

At the local level, the most virtuous municipalities in Italy have activated plans for incentives 2013 activated at the time of purchase. Among the pioneers of this type of incentives we find the city of Bologna which already in 2012 has activated concessions to encourage the purchase of electric scooters.

L'incentive aimed at Bolognese, it ranges from 300 euros up to 600 euros and is valid only if an old euro zero vehicle is scrapped. If the exemption and 50% discount on the insurance policy is universal throughout the Italian territory, the purchase incentives change in the various locations, therefore, at the time of purchase it is important to inquire at your municipality of residence.

As for the electric scooters, we have already talked about the Eco2Scooter, the Italian masterpiece Elettrico ME and the more expensive Retro Evo. Today we are talking about one electric scooter novelty of 2013, this is the 1000W of ACTVX, which has a maximum speed of 43 km / h and from this 2013 will be on the market at a price of 599 euros. Not a bad price, right?

The electric scooters can be found at the most disparate prices, they are less demanding than hybrid scooters because the latter have the burden of installing both a tank with an attached fuel engine and a battery to power the electric motor.

When we talk about electric scooters the price can fluctuate a lot, first of all for the brand to which it is linked, for the design and for other features related to the battery life and the power delivered by the engine.

A more performing model, expected for 2013, is theEcomotion LEMev Stream, with a 5 kW electric motor and lithium-ion batteries. LEMev Stram should guarantee a range of 80 kilometers with a maximum speed of 110 Km / h.

To solve, at least in part, the problem ofautonomy and the lack of charging columns, companies like Bertini, have equipped their own electric scooters of a double battery. So the Bertini electric scooters they offer a daily range of 120 - 140 kilometers.

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