BMW bicycles

BMW bicycles

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The brand BMW is not bound to Automobiles class, the products offered in the shops demonstrate it BMW Welt. There are various proposals from the shops BMW lifestyle, give her BMW bicycles to refined travel leather goods; Who is interested in BMW bicycles certainly will not be disappointed.

The brand German offers various types of bicycles to ensure maximum comfort for every type of excursion on the pedals: cruise, touring, kids and even more performing racing bicycles.


The first line of BMW bicycles dates back to 2009. Things have changed since then, the German car manufacturer will arrive in 2013 ready to launch the Pedal Electric Cycle, a electric bicycle. For the BMW bike conventional ones will not have to wait that long and the choice is even wider.

Prices of BMW bicycles vary with models. From 429 euros for the bmw bicycle Junior Cruise at the current 2,750 euros of the BMW M Carbon Racer bicycle. There is no shortage of intermediate roads such as the BMW Cruise bike per adult at 699 euros or la BMW Touring Bike to 949 euros.

But what's so special about it BMW M Carbon Racer bicycle if it debuts with a price of 3,124 euros ?! Who buys one BMW racing bike not just one bike from the luxury brand but a lady bicycle: it weighs only 7.4 kg, has a saddle that ensures maximum ride comfort even on long journeys. It features Shimano Ultegra Brake / Shifting levers to allow for quick gear changes. The bicycle is on sale while stocks last.


Model Touring Bike generally priced at € 1,299 but the 2012 model currently stands at € 949. It features 27 speeds, features a modern design, gel saddle and has a total weight of 16.3kg.

There BMW bicycle Cruise Bike was born with a price of 899 euros, also in this case the model of the 2012 collection has suffered a discount on the price up to 699 euros. There Cruise bicycle weighs 13.9 kg, is available in white or silver and the choice includes finishes of numerous colors.

Video: BMW Self Balancing Motorbike Demonstration LIVE Driving BMW Vision 100 BMW Autonomous Bike CARJAM (July 2022).


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