Electrocity: the 'electrical breakthrough' of 2013

Electrocity: the 'electrical breakthrough' of 2013

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After helping the Milanese to experience the advantages of the electric mobility, the event Electrocity begins a tour of Italy that will take her in 2013 with important events in Rome, Turin and Genoa, in addition to the four editions scheduled in the Lombard capital and a Temporary Tour in 20 other Italian cities.

What arrives could really be the year of electric mobility, starting with large urban centers, and the sponsors of the traveling event Electrocity they don't want to miss the opportunity.

The final balance for 2012, the year of the Milanese debut of Electrocity, is to be framed and makes it clear that the race has begun: 3,600 participants in the three days of sustainable mobility organized in September in the temporary store of Via Foppa 49, 2.800 electric baptisms and over 250,000 euros of electric vehicles sold.

Since that time Electrocity has never stopped growing and is thus preparing for an itinerant 2013, around Italy, with important objectives: 30,000 electric baptisms, to sell 3 million euros of electric vehicles in collaboration with over 50 companies and 200 local dealers. first 6 months of 2013, educating at least 100,000 Italians to sustainable mobility.

First stage a Milan from 15 to 18 March at Fiera Milano City within "Do the Right Thing!", Fair of critical consumption and sustainable lifestyles, now in its 10th edition, which will be dedicated to sustainable mobility. It will be the most important event ever dedicated to electric mobility in Europe with 3,500 square meters dedicated to the testing and sale of over 100 electric vehicles of all types and brands, from personal movers to cars and commercial vehicles. Over 75,000 visitors are expected and about 10,000 are expected electric baptisms to be celebrated in three days.

After Milan, Electrocity will come to Rome from 21 to 24 March guest of Farneto workshops, a former factory designed in 1975 by Enrico del Debbio, today it has become one of the most glamorous locations in the capital. The successful format of Elettrocity will also be reproduced in Rome with over 1,100 square meters set up to test 60 different vehicles, some in absolute national preview. Paid trials, targeted invitations and pre-registration for the event from early February also in Rome.

In spring, the appointments of Turin (13 and 14 April) is Genoa (April 20-21) and the departure of the Temporary Tour which will reach 20 Italian cities between early May and the first half of July, host of the most sensitive and attentive administrations to the development of sustainable mobility. The local events will last a weekend, will have at least 40 vehicles on test and will be accompanied by an exhibition on sustainable mobility open to schools and citizens.

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