Young people and green economy in Sardinia

Young people and green economy in Sardinia

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Thirteen weeks of green economy in European companies and institutions. The opportunity opens up to 45 young graduates of the province of Sassari thanks to Leonardo da Vinci project in collaboration with theUniversity of Sassari. Objective: to create a team of protagonists of the 'green turning point' of North West Sardinia, and at the same time offer young people an experience of primary importance in the global job market.

The P.rogram Leonardo da Vinci it provides 45 scholarships, lasting 13 weeks, worth over 2 thousand euros each. There are three conditions for obtaining the scholarship: being under 35, residing in one of the municipalities of the Sassari provincial territory and having a degree in technical-scientific, legal-economic or communication subjects.

The interns will be welcomed by private companies and public institutions: 25 scholarships will bring in Belgium, 9 towards the Spain, 6 a Malta and 5 a Cyprus. The total funding of the program is divided between European funds, equal to about 145 thousand euros, and the co-financing of the Province of Sassari for 50 thousand euros. At the end of their business stay abroad, participants will be given the opportunity to exploit the skills acquired on the Sardinian territory.

“Focus on young people - he has declared Alessandra Giudici, President of the Province of Sassari - is the best strategy to achieve the objectives of the European Union in terms of environmental sustainability, in light of the virtuous path undertaken with the adhesion by our Province to the Covenant of Mayors, the Covenant of Mayors”.

Sassari is the only Province in Italy to have obtained the involvement of all the municipalities, 66 out of 66, in the Covenant of Mayors. This facilitated the launch of the Leonardo da Vinci Project. "Young people - concluded Giudici - they will represent a fundamental resource to face, in an innovative and technologically advanced way, the challenges faced by the Municipalities of North West Sardinia ".

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