I.Car0, the electric city car made in Italy

I.Car0, the electric city car made in Italy

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It was presented on the occasion of the Motorshow of Bologna, L'electric car with extended autonomy. Produced by the young Italian company GreenGo, the company that designs, manufactures and markets solutions for sustainable mobility. His first electric vehicle is i.Car0 and will be on sale from February 2013. The sales network has over 300 dealerships scattered throughout Italy, an excellent opportunity for the diffusion of aelectric car all Italian.

i.Car0 is the code name of the "Interconnected Car Zero Emission ". The GreenGo company, for the design of i.Car0 has focused on what are the real needs of a motorist. After defining the structure to meet all safety and comfort standards, the manufacturer has focused attention on the construction of a vehicle from the cockpit, from the spacious luggage compartment and above all, from theextended autonomy. With 165 kilometers of autonomy, the i.Caro electric Citycar achieves a good record given that the competition offers an average range of 75 kilometers.

L'extended autonomy it is due to the second generation BMS system (Battery Management System II gen) with equalizer on each single battery cell. The equalizer ensures maximum energy efficiency also extending the life of the battery. The cruising speed easily reaches 75 km / h. L'electric car of GreenGo has a satellite system with assistance and remote control 24 / 24h.

A'electric car Made in Italy that holds the comparison is the NWG Zero, with its 140 kilometers of autonomy and its maximum speed of 100 km / h. The difference is in the price: the NWG Zero costs around 20,000 euros.

Other features of the electric city car iCar0:

  • the spacious boot has a capacity of 300 liters
  • four disc brakes
  • electric braking with energy recovery
  • diversified acoustic signals
  • parking sensors
  • conditioner
  • 6 kW motor
  • battery from 72V to 150 Ah
  • personalization of the on-board computer via App
  • price starting from 9.890 euros

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