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Strawberry tree

Strawberry tree

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The strawberry tree it is the fruit shrub that has attracted the attention of many of you, so here is an article to explain how to cultivate the strawberry tree, where to find it and how to cure it. Although originally from Southern Europe, the strawberry tree it adapts well to any type of climate, both to the hot and dry summers typical of the islands and to the cold and harsh winters of Northern Italy: the strawberry tree tolerates cold up to 15 degrees below zero.

The strawberry tree it is a shrub with a globular crown that produces delicious fruits, it can be grown as a sapling and is well maintained ornamental, it's a evergreen. It adapts well to all types of garden and usually reaches 3-4 meters. This shrub is rarely affected by diseases or parasites, therefore there is no need to operate pesticides.

Other advantages concern the terrain, it is rather tolerant. It belongs to the same family as the blueberry (that of the Ericaceae), it prefers soils tending to acid but also tolerates limestone and with the appropriate administration of organic matter (manure, soil for aceidophilic plants), it can grow even on the most basic soils.

Clayey soils are fine too, the important thing is that there are no large water stagnations. It is a very versatile plant: it can be cultivated both in full sun and in partial shade. As for theirrigation, must be moderate. Between one irrigation and the next, the soil must dry out completely.

The fruits, the strawberry trees, are spherical, have a diameter ranging from 1.5 to 3 cm. The skin is covered with red and hard tubercles, the pulp is orange and the fruit has a sweet taste; thanks to the characteristic tubercles, the fruit has a slightly grainy consistency when crushed under the palate.

The strawberry trees they can give life to Suffle delights and jams. The fruit is tepically autumnal and reaches full ripeness between October and November. On the plants of the strawberry tree you can find the caterpillars that will give life to the butterfly Charaxes Jasius.

The strawberry tree it has a rather rapid growth but those who do not want to wait entire seasons to see it grow can buy it at their trusted nursery. Plants of strawberry tree they are readily available but should you have difficulty, here are some recommendations for buy the strawberry tree either by going in person or by correspondence:

  • Florence. At the "Vivai Belfiore" in Sant’Ilario. CP 91 - 50055. Lastra a Signa.
  • Milan. From the “Fratelli Ingegnoli”, in Via O. Salomone, 65 - 20138.
  • Ravenna. At “Dalmonte Gaspare”, in Via Calbetta, 2 - 48018, Faenza.
  • Bologna. At “Flora 2000”, in Via Zenzalino Sud, 19 / A - 40054, Budrio.

Photo by Luciana Bartolini

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