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EnergyMed in Naples

EnergyMed in Naples

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How important is theenergy efficiency? How are the renewable energies and what strategies to apply to make our present more sustainable? The responses to these donations will be made public by the experts present at this year's EnergyMed.

L'EnergyMed reaches its sixth edition. The international event onPower, the Recycle and the Sustainable mobility most awaited by Southern Italy, it will take place in Naples from 11 to 13 April 2013. Three days of technologies and innovations with exclusive spaces able to meet the needs of exhibiting companies and qualified visitors.

The event will be held at the Mostra d’Oltremare in Naples. An opportunity for business, visibility, comparison and professional updating. The focus will be on renewables and energy efficiency, there will be no lack of sustainable building exhibits ad hoc with thesustainable building of the Ecobuilding Exhibition, the recovery of material and energy from waste with the Recycle Show and the MobilityMed Show dedicated to sustainable mobility.

To frame the event there will be specialized thematic areas, awards and special initiatives that see the presence of nationally prominent experts. L'EnergyMed April will be the Energy Appointment of 2013.

The past edition counted over 200 exhibitors from Italy and abroad. Over 21 thousand visitors, more than 2,500 participants in the congress session with 17 conferences, 26 associations, 18 sponsors, 615 newspapers and web spaces. The event EnergyMed will count on an exhibition area equal to 10 thousand square meters.

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