Journey into the journey on Italo: the ebook is free

Journey into the journey on Italo: the ebook is free

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A journey within a journey with Italo. On the train, at 300 km / h, and in great literature. Yes, because now with trains ad High speed Italo of NTV you also travel in the magical world of books, without spending a cent more than the ticket price. A journey within a journey, in fact.

The novelty, which has the scent of a Christmas present, is the fruit ofagreement between NTV and RCS and consists of making available on the Portal on board ItaloLive there digital library with a rich selection of multi-genre books and editorial news. Starting from the end of December 2012, just the time to equip all the trains of the High Speed ​​fleet.

With the digital library, NTV completes the offer of ItaloLive on-board portal, which already offers Italo travelers a particularly rich entertainment: from the news of SkyTg24, to the best films of Medusa, from the complete editions of Corriere della Sera, The Gazzetta dello Sport is The Republic, to the continuous updates of Ansa news. And again: the weather forecast by 3B Meteo and tourist information on the cities served by Italo, by RCS DOVE.

Italo currently connects 9 Italian cities for a total of 12 stations. From June 2013 the cities will become 13 and 16 stations for the inauguration of the Adriatic section Milan - Ancona, which NTV plans to cover with its trains in three hours with stops in Bologna, Forlì and Pesaro.

Since 9 December 2012 Italo has been a colleague Milan - Turin with 7 trips a day in just 44 minutes, more or less the time you spend on the Milanese capital metro to go from one end of the city to the other. Commuters can thus plan same-day round trips.

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