Electric bikes, eco-incentives

Electric bikes, eco-incentives

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There sustainable mobility plays a vital role in the fight against climate changes. With it, the bicycle took a key position. More and more Italians are moving to bicycle and the front row seats are occupied by women. The bike is the ideal ally of sustainable mobility and along this line, the pedal assisted bike.

The electric bikes they are perfect for getting around the city, they can represent an excellent solution for those who do not practice sports and they exist for every pocket and every need for "shift", In fact theautonomy it can vary from 20 to 80 kilometers. Prices fluctuate in an even wider range: from less than 500 euros to more than 3,000 euros! When buying a electric bicycle there is a factor to consider, the eco-incentives.

Everyone knows that the electric bicycle to be classified as such, it has an engine with a maximum speed not exceeding 25 km / h and thus the cyclist will not have to pay any road tax, nor will he have to bear any traffic costs such as insurance and license plates. The fuel which will use the electric bicycle it will cost you roughly 60 euro cents "for a full one". Based on the chosen model and thebattery efficiency, another expense to consider is the replacement of the accumulator. There battery supports up to a certain number of charge cycles, just like any rechargeable battery! This is why at the time of purchase, more than the design, the characteristics of the battery.

Let's go back to the discourse of incentives for electric bikes
The speech is not very different from that made for incentives for the purchase of electric scooters. The eco-incentives they are promoted locally by Regions and Municipalities. There are numerous Italian municipalities that offer this type of incentives. Until recently, in Bologna, theeco-incentive provided for 600 euros for the purchase of a electric vehicle with the scrapping of a Euro 0 or Euro 1 moped. At the moment the Bolognese incentives are concluded but we will have to wait until 2013 to understand if a new campaign will be activated.

Incentives on the purchase of an electric bike they are active a little like wildfire, in various areas of Italy, other examples are Bergamo and Catania; in the Sicilian city, the contribution includes 250 euros for those who want to buy one electric bicycle and goes up to 500 euros for those who buy one electric scooter. Before purchasing, inquire at your municipality of residence.

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