Eating art so as not to eat waste

Eating art so as not to eat waste

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'Eat art so as not to eat waste' was the theme of the 2012 (fourth) edition of International Waste in Search of Author Award organized by the association Salerno in Art. A very successful demonstration, we were told Olga Marciano is Giuseppe Gorga of Salerno in Arte, as evidenced by the more than 100 works presented.

"We have had adhesions from all over Italy and there has been no shortage of foreign participations from France, Switzerland and Germany", the organizers pointed out. Evidently the proposed track, even if not identified, based on correlation between food and waste, was engaging. “Some artists have faced the consequences that the waste problem has on the health of food; others focused on the need to reduce food waste, while others went to evaluate food packaging and the consequent production of waste ".

The best works will be awarded Friday 21 December (start at 18.30) in a ceremony in monumental complex of Santa Sofia in Salerno (where an exhibition with free admission will be set up until 29 December). Alongside the awards for the best works in the painting, design and photography sections, the award for the best work created using WEEE (Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment), recognition wanted by the consortium Ecolight which deals with waste of this type.

"Promoting art and raising awareness of respect for the environment are two concepts that the consortium has embraced for some time - said the president of Ecolight, Walter Camarda –. Electronic waste, which we deal with by following its collection and disposal thanks to our 1,500 member companies, represents a delicate and little known issue. We promote art made with waste through the Museum of Recycling, a web portal that collects works created from waste materials ".

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