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The water? We got it!

The water? We got it!

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If you think that tap water is good to drink, and that doing without plastic bottles is a good thing for the environment, the project We have stuck it! is the one for you. The initiative, in full swing in the Milan and Province area, is funded by Cariplo Foundation with the aim of encouraging the consumption of water of network (as an alternative to bottled water) not only at home, but also at work (in the office, in the canteen, etc.) and during free time (in a restaurant, trattoria, etc.).

Such as? With awareness-raising actions and an information campaign aimed at restaurants, companies / public bodies and citizens. Someone will remember the initiative Let's cross it! Launched in 2007 by the monthly Altr economy, this is in a sense the continuation.

The adhesions are already numerous (on the site there are names and addresses) and the most enthusiastic have decided to go further. Among these there is Inaz, a company with 150 employees in its Milan office, which tried to deal with: “If we consider 30 thousand half-liter plastic bottles consumed in a year - explains Linda Gilli, president and CEO of the company - just to produce them it takes 5.7 barrels of oil, almost 8 quintals of crude oil, without considering the costs and emissions to transport and dispose of them ”.

There green turn of Inaz started with the workers. "Our employees are free to choose whether to continue to consume bottled water or use the jugs we distributed to refuel from the network. The tap water is good, certified and always available, without problems related to the expiration date "says Linda Gilli.

“We trust that the consumption of bottled water will drop dramatically - underlines Gilli -. Our hope is that the premises in the area that have an agreement with Inaz for employee meals will also join the project. We have shown that tap water is an ecological, economic and viable alternative to bottled water: these good business practices can and must also spread in everyday life ".

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