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How to reclaim an asbestos roof

How to reclaim an asbestos roof

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Asbestos, a word that is scary just to pronounce it, is still present on the roofs of many homes and warehouses. Sure! For about a century it has been used for all uses and purposes. What to do in front of a shabby roof of slabs of eternity? It is necessary to take all necessary precautions to safely reclaim an asbestos roof.

How to reclaim an asbestos roof. Specialized firms
To demolish or remove the asbestos from a roof it is inadvisable to act on your own due to the danger it faces. It will be necessary to contact private companies specialized in the removal and remediation of asbestos. Their workforce is equipped with suit, gloves and suitable respirators and they carry out all the necessary operations, treating the slabs and disposing them in specialized landfills to protect the environment.

How to reclaim an asbestos roof. Recoverable asbestos
Not all asbestos materials must necessarily be disposed of, as some may be in an excellent state of conservation. The reclamation technicians will take care of treating the asbestos, through special surface treatments that prevent the volatility of asbestos fibers in the air over time. These treatments should only be done by expert technicians, who use materials suitable for the insulation of asbestos sheets. Upon processing, a certificate will be issued which will attest to its preservation.

How to reclaim an asbestos roof. Useful tips
If you find yourself having to be in contact with asbestos for work reasons, you must wear protective suits, gloves and protective masks. Another necessary recommendation: keep the asbestos material wet as much as possible, to prevent its fibers from being dispersed into the air.

How to reclaim an asbestos roof. Photovoltaic system
Reclaim the asbestos roofs
it represents a certain cost to be sustained which translates into over 10 euros / sq m. Replace your roof with the installation ofphotovoltaic systems it could prove to be an excellent solution given the double advantage: energy production pays off in full the financing for the new roof, plus, with the complete integration, you can access the maximum incentives of the New Energy Account.

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