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Eataly and Italo: made in Italy for the environment

Eataly and Italo: made in Italy for the environment

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From left, Oscar Farinetti from Eataly and Giuseppe Sciarrone from NTV

Eataly is Italo together for the environment. With two interesting initiatives: Eataly Real Estate, real estate of the Eataly Group (chain of outlets in the food sector specializing in typical products) will carry out an environmental footprint assessment (carbon footprint and water footprint) on the design of the Green Retail Park which will be built in Turin. NTV, for its part, will instead evaluate the CO emissions2, relating to the Rome-Turin section traveled by the Italo train.

The two companies, two symbols of Made in Italy, are committed to the Environment Minister Corrado Clini with a voluntary agreement that aims at the evaluation and accounting of greenhouse gas emissions, due to their reduction, in the context of strategies against climate change. The commitment consists of an agreement that bears the signature of Giuseppe Sciarrone, CEO of NTV is Oscar Farinetti, president of Eataly.

Oscar Farinetti underlined Eataly's commitment in favor of sustainability: "Eataly will build a great 'respectful' place in Turin, it will be called Green Retail Park. Right next to the first Eataly, that of the Lingotto, on the land where the Carpano Factory warehouses were located, 10,500 square meters will be born, entirely powered by self-produced natural energy, and with a beautiful green lawn as a roof. Inside, only 'respectable' non-food products will be offered for sale: clothing, green footwear, furniture made with natural and recycled materials, electric and non-polluting vehicles. It will also be a place where advice will be offered to reduce electricity consumption at home, welcoming customers who have a sense of respect ".

"Environmental protection, economic development attentive to social well-being and the culture of solidarity - he explained instead Giuseppe Sciarrone, CEO of NTV - they are carved in NTV's DNA which, in keeping with its nature, has chosen a train of new conception, innovative and sustainable. Italo is built with 98% recyclable materials and its low weight allows it to use 15% less energy per passenger than a traditional train. This means an annual energy saving of approximately 650,000 kWh over a distance of 500,000 km, with a consequent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions ”.

The agreement with Eataly and Italo is an example of the public-private cooperation initiatives promoted by the Ministry of the Environment as part of the voluntary agreements on environmental footprint assessment. To date, the Ministry has started a collaboration with over 100 Italian companies in the main production and service sectors (textiles, agri-food, industry, tourism, ceramics, infrastructure, large-scale distribution, IT).

The program is aimed at large-scale experimentation of the different ones methodologies for measuring environmental performance, taking into account the characteristics of the various economic sectors, in order to be able to harmonize them and make them replicable. The agreements signed today will give the opportunity to refine these methodologies in the retail and rail transport sectors.

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