How to heat the house electrically

How to heat the house electrically

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The heating system is the fundamental element for heating the house. But what are the heating systems than in terms ofenergy saving, optimize the relationship between energy expended and comfort achieved?

There are several heating systems which exploit the logic of diffused heat, making the most of the heat generated by the use of electricity and drastically eliminating heat loss. Therefore, it is convenient to use theelectric energy for plants of heating which involve the use of more reduced power of electricity than other less efficient systems, especially methane gas.

How to heat the house electrically. Underfloor heating
Underfloor heating systems are easy to install and extremely economical, both for installation and management. With these systems, the entire floor becomes a heating surface.

How to heat the house electrically. Infrared heating
Infrared heating is a new system that allows you to heat without losing heat. What is the advantage of infrared heating?

The infrared rays directly heat people in the house. Radiation heating emits heat in the form of infrared radiation, similar to the heat of the sun's rays, producing thermal comfort directly on the body. An ecological and even beneficial heat for the body is obtained, considerably reducing the consumption of the electricity bill and therefore also the costs. There are several mobile or wall-mounted infrared heaters on the market.

How to heat the house electrically. Radiant floor heating system
Radiant floor heating uses the same principle of infrared waves as a heat transfer vector. In this case, the radiation starts from the floor.

The system is formed by a special film that heats up, consisting of a series of resistors connected in parallel by two copper and silver conductors inserted between two sheets of sturdy polyester. In terms of heating, systems that use solar energy at no cost are also finding valid answers, guaranteeing comfortable temperatures in full respect of the environment.

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