Wind power

Offshore wind, the largest park in the world

Offshore wind, the largest park in the world

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There Scottish Power Renewables is the largest developer of wind farms of the United Kingdom. The company was granted permission to develop offshore wind farms for a capacity of 7,200 MW (7.2 GW of wind energy) off the coast of East Anglia.

There East Anglia Offshore Windfarm it could become the biggest offshore wind farm of the world. The complete project is being approved and only a few days ago it was forwarded to the National Directorate of Infrastructures for verification. There East Anglia Offshore Windfarm should accommodate 325 offshore turbines, capable of powering up to 770,000 homes. The project is supported by the Swedish Vattenfall Utility and the Scottish Power.

East Anglia Offshore Windfarm, once completed, could make a major contribution to the battle against the climate changes. It would be the largest offshore wind farm never set up in the world.

Concessions to install 7.2 GW of offshore wind power have been given to Scottish Power and Vattenfall. Of these, 1,200 MW are destined for the plant East Anglia Offshore Windfarm. The area taken into consideration for the development of the offshore wind farm it is 6,000 square kilometers and lies approximately 14 kilometers off the coast of Norfolk and Suffolk.

This geographical region has a low population density, therefore the energy produced byEast Anglia Offshore Windfarm it will be broadcast to larger cities. Norfolk it is famous for its beaches and tourism contributes heavily to its economy; there was no lack of criticism, some say that the setting up of theoffshore plant could damage Norfolk's economy because the turbines could spoil the view of the coast, however, the turbines can be installed in more remote areas, non-residential and free of visitors.

For the construction phase, theoffshore wind farm largest in the world would create numerous jobs. Not to mention all the part time plants and accessories that require energy infrastructure of this caliber. An excellent resource for the UK. We hope that the project is accepted, the verdict will be reported on

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