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Red wine without sulphites

Red wine without sulphites

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In Red wine you drink varying amounts of added sulfur dioxide. This ingredient is added in various foods, such as dried fruit. If you plan not to ingest sulfur dioxide because this is not mentioned among the ingredients in label, take a closer look! It is indicated with the initials E220. The question of sulphites in red wine and some foods, it has caught the attention of several researchers.

L'sulfur dioxide, SO2, is used as a preservative in food and as antimicrobial agent and antioxidant in the winemaking process. Generally, most of us tolerate the ingestion of a minimum amount of SO2 but in some people, the substance can cause allergic reactions or headaches. To avoid these collective effects, the project was promoted in Germany SO2say, headed by the non-profit applied research center TTZ Bremerhavenn.

The center managed to identify anatural alternative to sulphites, these are two components naturally present in wine. With the association of these two substances, the presence of sulfur dioxide in wine it could be reduced by more than 95 percent. As happens in any field, tests and experiments are necessary before commercialization; however, the project took root in June 2009, therefore the compound is in the process of development and the wine that contains it has already been tasted in Great Britain, Spain and Germany. The wine containing the new additive it was declared "good", At least as much as the analogue containing sulphites.

In May 2012 a batch of Red wine contain the new additive. This lot will be opened in January 2013 and tested again, if, as expected, the tests performed are successful, four months later the procedures will be concluded, the technical feasibility of the new extract will be demonstrated and the necessary authorization for the marketing.

The project was funded by the European Commission, from 2009 to date has seen a total budget of 4.1 million euros. The project saw the active participation of numerous research centers but also of companies interested in the production of organic wine without sulphites.

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