Cycling helps the local economy

Cycling helps the local economy

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Italians prefer i pedals to the four wheels but when they will read this news their love for the bicycle will increase dramatically! In Italy, compared to 2010, in 2011 the sale of bicycles increased by 200 thousand units, in 2012 just ended, the sale of bicycles recorded a further increase bringing economic benefits not only to the companies producing bike but also tolocal economy! According to a study published by the Oregon Consortium and Transportation, moving to bike is good foreconomy of your city.

With the bicycle you keep fit. The problem of car traffic is reduced, congestion, parking problems and traffic are avoided harmful emissions. To the list of benefits of the bicycle there is also a push tolocal economy. The benefits to the local economy are tangible at 360 °, so much so that the super administration bike-friendly of the city of Portland is planning to extend its bicycle lane well beyond the urban center. The infrastructure for the cyclists of Portland will reach all neighborhoods, even those in the suburbs.

When such choices are made, the population is not always happy. Let's take the example of Naples cycle path; here the shopkeepers were opposed to setting up the track because they claimed that it would subtract useful space destined for the parking area of customers. Portland suburban shopkeepers reacted in exactly the same way! "There are no cyclists in this area, I don't understand why there should be this sort of space-occupying fence outside my shop ". These are the first comments of the shopkeepers, they are used to customers arriving in car and see the bicycle lane useless, even harmful because it steals funds from other projects ... Nothing more wrong!

The study saw that whoever circulates in bicycle he is more prone to buying than a motorist. Cyclists are predisposed to visit shops and make stops, bringing in more money. The study saw a positive impact on the economy of most of the businesses observed, the only exception being the grocery stores: not all cyclists are equipped with baskets to transport goods.

The study was carried out by analyzing the behavior of 1,883 people who had just been in pubs, restaurants and bars and a further sample of 19,650 people who had just been to a supermarket. Apparently people in bicycle make thelocal economy.

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