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Vegetarian menu for the dinner

Vegetarian menu for the dinner

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Between Christmas lunch and end of year dinner We can only hope that some benefactor has given us an annual subscription to the gym! While we have the opportunity to burn off the extra calories, the planet cannot do the same with harmful emissions produced during the holidays.

Many people ignore it but our nutrition pollutes just like car exhaust fumes do, so why not organize lunches and dinners under the banner of respect for the environment?

The LAV took the same philosophy last year, Anti-Vivisection League. LAV has proposed a sustainable dinner with the culinary delicacies recommended by the chef Giuseppe Capano.

It is a vegetarian menu which can be brought to the table at a cost of around 50 euros (calculated for a dinner of four people). The convenience of a vegetarian menu: a simple menu based on meat or fish easily exceeds 100 euros.

Vegetarian menu, here are the courses for yours dinner:

  1. Crostini with black olives and celery paté with fennel and potato puree (go to recipe)
  2. Saracen gnocchi with sage and pumpkin cream (go to recipe)
  3. Golden potato boats filled with walnuts and chickpeas with tomato (go to recipe)
  4. Persimmon dessert with aniseed and dark pomegranate (go to recipe)
  • At this link you can find out how to replace meat in everyday menus.

To make ours menu even more ecological and healthy, you can buy food directly from a small local producer or from a shop in the biological. We recall that thebiological agriculture not only pollutes less theenvironment, but the fields imprison carbon dioxide. This means that carbon is absorbed and fixed by subtracting harmful emissions to the atmosphere (read more at this address).

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