Pull a pot out of a turnip

Pull a pot out of a turnip

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A nice and curious small crop vase, also excellent as a Christmas decoration, can be obtained from a municipality white turnip, large and rather low. You can use it at home to grow various types of seedlings that over time will become a real one botanical garden. A nice idea from a turnip.

After obtaining a common white turnip, which as mentioned must be rather low and wide, turn it over with the terminal part towards the other (the terminal part is recognizable by a kind of tail in the center of the pointed part) and cut a slice of the height of about 1 centimeter.

At this point, partially empty the turnip until it becomes a bowl and, always using great care, drill four holes in the thickness of the walls 2 cm from the bottom. Pass the nylon cords through the four holes and sew them in the center with a knot and a ring that allows you to hang the turnip on a nail, a chandelier, a shelf, etc ...

Fill the cavity of the turnip with soil and sow a little lentils you hate mile. Spray every day with a little water; thus the soil will always be moist, the seeds placed in the upper part will germinate, while under the turnip a nice tuft of leaves will sprout which will tend to fold towards each other, wrapping the pot until they rejoin the vegetation born from lentils and millet. You will have obtained graceful ones in this way hanging jars that you can hang in various places in your home.

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