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Winter care of plants in the house

Winter care of plants in the house

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Winter is certainly the most difficult season for indoor plants, which in this period need special attention. The first rule is, if possible, to place the pots in rooms with a maximum temperature of 18 ° C, away from heat sources and drafts. It should also be avoided to move the plants frequently, so as not to force them to the stress of continuously turning the leaves towards the light sources.

The soil must always be kept moist regulating watering and spraying the foliage frequently to avoid dehydration of the leaf tissues. Things to do to keep plants in perfect shape at home are: use 'rested' water for both watering and spraying; often remove the soil on the surface of the pots to avoid the formation of crusts or mold; feed the plants, every 15 days, with mineral fertilizer (attention to quality); sprinkle the foliage, every 10-15 days, with water and eventually natural hormone stimulants; systematically check the pots and jugs where the forced bulbs are located.

On the balcony and terrace. In December there are no particular works to be carried out, except to complete the protection of the plants that are not yet provided with adequate shelters. More than anything else, structural maintenance works need to be carried out: check that the vases and hanging boxes are properly attached to the supports; ensure that the vines are secured to the racks; make sure that pergolas and boxes can bear the weight of any snowfall.

Watering must be done every 20 days with very small quantities of water (about a glass for a 20-30 cm diameter pot), and specific fertilizer should be given to azaleas and rhododendrons. If necessary, fertilizer should be added to the pots of acidophilic plants so as to have copious flowering at the beginning of the good season.

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