Building a garden staircase

Building a garden staircase

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If you want to build a crib ladder read this article, if what you need is to design and build a ladder for your garden, then you are in the right place! A ladder into the ground it offers many advantages, both aesthetic and functional ... if there is a moat, a staircase will certainly be more comfortable and safe than a descent, especially if it rains and there is no canopy in the garden.

When build a ladder?
If your garden has steep slopes or bumps, build a wooden staircase it could be the ideal solution. There ladder set up could be embellished by the presence of stones or a planter. To overcome a difference in height of one meter you will need it build steps about 80 cm wide, in our article we will refer to this type of need.

Building the steps, the necessary

  • 1 wooden board
  • 2 impregnated boards with section 60 × 240 mm, length of 240 cm -these boards will form the side panels-
  • 6 impregnated boards with section 60 × 240 mm, length 80 cm -these tables will constitute the risers, or the facades of the steps
  • 14 impregnated pegs with section 48 × 48 mm and length of 30 cm
  • 1 box of screws for wood with measure 5 × 80 mm
  • spade
  • mace
  • screwdriver or screwdriver drill

Building the steps
Prepare the soil by excavating about 25 cm below the ground level. The excavation will have to be about one meter wide. Remember to pile the removed soil sideways.

Position the sides at a distance of 80 cm from each other. Secure the sides with pegs fixed to the ground for at least 2/3 of their length. To make the steps more stable, you can fix the sides with partially buried stones both to the left and right of the table.

Start staring at steps from above. The first riser must be fixed to the ground with two pegs and fixed laterally, to the sides, by means of three wood screws. With the soil you removed earlier, fill in the upstream space. You will have thus obtained the first step. To avoid water stagnation, it is recommended to leave a downward slope of about 5%. Apply the same technique until all the steps that you need. If you find the pegs unsightly, alternatively, you can use steel rods for armor.

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