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Portable bike

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It's vacation time, it's time for bicycle! The advantage of the portable bike is that you can fold it to take it anywhere, on vacation, on the bus, on the train or more simply ... on your shoulder. There portable bike it is characterized by a mechanism that allows it to be disassembled until one is obtained bicycle perfectly folded that takes up a few centimeters of space: once folded, the portable bike it can be stored in a backpack or in a special case, similar to that dedicated to musical instruments.

For example, the portable bike Tern reaches dimensions of 38 x 79 x 72 cm. It costs about 900 euros and fits perfectly into the luggage compartment typical of trains.


A portable bike less expensive but much more popular, is the one offered by Fiat (see photo galleries), the portable bike fiat 500 pop. It costs about 300 euros, it stands out for its class, design and above all for its agility, yes fold to take up very little space.

Another one portable bike noteworthy is the Mini Folding Bike (see photo galleries). If you want to buy a mini cooper you can choose it among optional or you can buy it at any dealer Mini at a price of around 500 euros.


Exist portable bike for every need and every pocket. On the internet it is easy to find portable bikes even for less than 100 euros, everything is in the needs of the buyer. Those not used to shopping online can turn to Decathlon which offers a wide range of choices.

Portable bike from the Dechatlon catalog (see photo galleries):

  • Tilt 9 Copper folding bike - 7 speed. luggage rack, dynamo lighting, strap… Price: 699.95 euros
  • Tilt 7 Blackout - ideal for the city - 2 speeds that change automatically at 19 km /. It costs 549.95 euros
  • Folding bike B fold 20 ″ - a simple folding bike without too many frills. It costs 149.95 euros
  • Tilt 5 - closes and opens in the blink of an eye. It costs 399.95 euros

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