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The drama of New Year's barrels

The drama of New Year's barrels

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THE new Year's Eve fireworks represent a real drama for theenvironment. Smog and smog levels rise fine dust, the air becomes unbreathable and serious damage is inflicted on pets. Some municipalities of Italy alert citizens with a series of warnings, every year there are numerous victims of new Year's Eve fireworks and it's not just about pets but also of the human species.

While man should be able to protect himself independently, particular attention must be paid to pets. The loud thunder of barrels in animals triggers a natural reaction of terror. Dogs and cats, frightened, they could lose their orientation thus exposing themselves to loss and / or investment. For this reason it is good not to leave animals alone and above all not to leave them outdoors.

The Pm10 of January 1, that is, the amount of Particular matter present in the air of the first of the year, it reaches the stars. On 1 January 2011, the Senate control unit in Milan recorded a level of fine dust in the metropolis equal to 157 micrograms per cubic meter. In Verziere a level of 164 micrograms per cubic meter was reached.

For each increase of 10 micrograms per cubic meter of PM10 in the air, there is a progressive increase of 0.51% of daily deaths. With the data collected by the EpiAir Project, there is even an increase in risk of death of 0.69% for each increment of particles of 10 micromgrams per cubic meter.

Every year, due to the barrels, i first aid Italian cities fill up with wounded. Injured people who, by causing damage to their health and weighing on the company's budget by resorting to public clinics. Numerous animals, domestic and otherwise, are lost and die. High levels of fine dust is greenhouse gases. The consequences of New Year they will be paid for during the next twelve months and beyond, to the point of undermining the health of future generations.

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