More virtuous Italians? No, it's just the crisis

More virtuous Italians? No, it's just the crisis

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In the article entitled "Italians prefer to pedal”We looked at the sales boom of bicycles but in reality we have not suddenly become sportsmen and virtuosos, lovers of bicycles or public transport. Our choices are strongly influenced by economic crisis so the first expense that a good slice of Italians wanted to cut was theprivate car. L'car stay in the garage and the Italians go out on foot!

The twentieth edition of the "Auto Ace-Censis report " it was juxtaposed entitled "Where did the car go ". The title summarizes the data collected by the survey: the sales of car they fell by -20 percent, bad for motorcycles (-19 percent) and mopeds (-32 percent) too. Even the used car market no better, the drop in this sector is -10 percent and the propensity to buy new cars it halved compared to 2011, dropping sharply from 7.4 percent to 3.7 percent.

According to these figures, we should not be surprised if the producers of electric cars prefer to invest in other countries for both direct dissemination of vehicles, and for setting up the charging infrastructure. There electric mobility enters the automotive market when the sector is in full crisis and sales are in dramatic decline.

The transition from the heat engine to that electric is still far for our country despite the expensive gasoline: in the last 24 months petrol has seen big increases, today filling up costs +25 per cent compared to two years ago. Gasoline grew by 16 percent in 2012 alone and nothing makes us think that this growth will cease in 2013. The few supestated motorists should rely on LPG engines/Methane.

Operating costs increased by 4.4 per cent and consequently the cost per kilometer grew by +1.3 per cent, to which we must add the expensive gasoline. Still regarding the fuel consumption, we went back to before the economic boom of the 1960s, the Petroleum Union has shown that this year consumption has suffered "an exceptional contraction ".

In this dramatic scenario, an encouraging fact emerges: the services of car sharing. The figures are still marginal but show an excellent trend. Users increased by 26 percent and the number of cars suitable for car sharing increased by 8 percent as did the number of parking spaces.

At the end of the year the sums are drawn, it turned out that the Italians are more prudent when driving. The penalties for violating the highway code are decreasing. Italians have not suddenly become more cautious, they simply use cars less and when they do they are very careful not to have to pay fines!

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