Wind power

Apple patents a storage system for wind power

Apple patents a storage system for wind power

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Apple is designing a system of storage to store thewind energy. As far as we know, there is no reason to bring thewind energy on the iPhone or iPad, however, Apple seems to have a strong interest in wind technology. The office "US Patent & Trademark " awarded a very special patent to Apple:

during operation, the system uses a series of rotating blades to convert the rotational energy of the wind turbine into low thermal capacity heat. Subsequently, the system selectively transfers the heat of the fluid to low heat capacity, bringing it to a working fluid. Finally, the system uses the heat transferred to the working fluid to generate electricity. "

In a standard wind turbine, the wind moves the blades that drive a rotor. Only when the rotor is stressed does the production of power. It is clear, one of the main concerns about thewind energy is the inconsistency in electricity production. Stronger winds do not always blow when energy needs reach their peaks.

Apple has patented a rather simple system. There wind turbine will go to solicit a room full of "fluids with low thermal capacity ". The fluids "store " wind energy in the form of heat, so as to produce clean electricity only when the question on the grid is most relevant.

How do Apple devices fit into all of this?
Anything! Or rather, theApple has been looking for innovative solutions for some time and ecofriendly to power its data centers. After doubling the electrical capacity destined for its North Carolina data center, Apple has decided to divert attention from biogas and move on towind energy. Energy stability is an absolute priority for a data center, this is why the need for a storage system arises even if it has major disadvantages: there are large energy losses in converting the rotational energy of the wind turbines into heat and then using the heat to generate electricity! By comparison, it might be even cheaper to produce wind energy with conventional methods and use a battery for energy storage.

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