Personal human transporter

Personal human transporter

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Someone will have seen them on the sidewalks of some cities, probably handled by people who in suits (but also without) go to work or run errands. Are the personal transporter, or human transporter, means of great impact (it would be better to say low impact since the emissions are zero) under the sustainable urban mobility.

The personal transporter it is a means of transport with electric traction of very advanced technological conception. It's a kind of smart scooter able to start, stop and make turns with simple movements of the passenger-driver's body. THE personal transporter they also go uphill and are generally able to negotiate up to 15% of inclines in agility.

There are several models and the manufacturers are in good number. At the latest Mobility Tech in Milan, for example, the latest model was seen Speeder Motion, the Green Runner Robin M1, an easy to use vehicle as well as small and very light, characteristics that make it suitable to be stowed in the trunk of a small car or carried by hand. The price is approximately that of a latest generation scooter.

Alla Green Runner, owner of the brand Speeder Motion, we work on all fronts, starting with the cultural one, to transform urban mobility in a sustainable perspective. “The challenge to ensure that new technological solutions are an essential support for sustainability is primarily a cultural challenge - underline from the company's headquarters in Russi (RA) - which must find its matrix on the one hand in eradicating laziness, habits, carelessness, fears of the new, and on the other in establishing a common sense of responsibility ".


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