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Meixi Lake, the smart city made in China

Meixi Lake, the smart city made in China

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China seems to be immune to the economic crisis that is sweeping the globe, indeed, it seems that this country is getting along very well with the smartcity so he prepares to set up another one.

After designing a small city in the middle of the desert, China is about to build Meixi Lake, another one smartcity destined to rise in the Hunan Province, along the shores of Lake Meixi. The location is not accidental, the smarcity Meixi Lake will draw all energy and water resources from the Mexi reservoir.

A new one is ready to arise in China future City, near Changsha. The laying of the first stone of Meixie Lake, the city destined to accommodate about 180,000 inhabitants. The project was completed by the architects of Kohn Pederson Fox Associates, supported by the Arup team.

The city stands on the shores of Lake Meixi, a reservoir that will play a fundamental role in the life of all citizens of Mexie Lake: land transport will be perfectly integrated with water transport and will be under the banner of sustainability ed energy efficiency. The water basins will characterize the entire city and will provide clean energy to homes.

The future city will take place in urban agglomerations composed of about 10 thousand inhabitants each. In addition to hydroelectric energy production, geothermal systems and numerous photovoltaic panels will meet the energy needs of the inhabitants. L'clean energy, will unfortunately be integrated with energy from non-renewable sources from the grid.

The idea is to minimize the harmful emissions offering a highly integrated public transport network. The concentric development of the city should optimize the public transport network, including river transport, there will be cycle and pedestrian paths and services such as bike- and car-sharing.

Video: Meixihu. Changsha. Zaha Hadid Architects. 4K. Archilogue. Mavic 2 Pro. DJI Osmo Pocket (July 2022).


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