How to save electricity

How to save electricity

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It is scandalous! Because of economic crisis many citizens are forced to do without heating. With this guide we will not work miracles but we will give you ten tips for save electricity so as to cut bill costs by up to 20 percent.

1) The preliminary advice involves installing a "monitoring display" that will allow you to know, at any time, how much you are consuming. Knowledge is the first step towards change and in this case, towards saving of electricity!

2) You know which is the electric device that sucks the most power? The water heater! The water heater electric is the way more uneconomical which exists for heats the water. You can replace the electric water heater with a gas one or aim for more innovative solutions.

3) Turn off all televisions, DVDs, decoders… and do not keep chargers for portable devices in electrical sockets. The savings will also be tangible through the monitoring display installed with step one.

4) Haven't you switched off the lighting yet? What are you waiting for?! Replace all incandescent bulbs with LED ones. If the prices seem too high, buy them one at a time, the benefit will be immediate.

5) Move the refrigerator away from the wall. Maintenance is important, with a house painter brush remove dust from the radiator. With these simple gestures you will gain an efficiency of 5-10 percent.

6) How fast is the refrigerator temperature? Many do not have the faintest idea…. in fact the "modality " set with the knob are difficult to interpret and few people read the User Manual. Ok, the time has come to dust it off ... or, alternatively, put a thermometer in the refrigerator and set the temperature you prefer, leaving the modes alone!

7) Fox move! If you have replaced the electric water heater with a gas one, or even better with the solar thermal, you need to make a small modification to the dishwasher. By disconnecting the cold water supply pipe and connecting it to the hot water, you will transform your dishwasher into a Class A ++ model in the blink of an eye.

8) The hot bath consumes a lot of energy. You don't have to give it up but use it intelligently. The “Hot bath”Can be replaced by thermostatic valves installed on the radiators, the valves will allow you to independently regulate the temperatures in the individual chambers. Within a year, thanks to the savings on your bill, you will have recovered the investment for the valves very well.

9) If you are about to buy a new washing machine, choose one with double supply. These models cost the same as the good quality single supply ones; alternatively, install a mixer in the washing machine that uses hot water rather than electrically heating it.

10) Lovers of cooking cannot do without the oven. You certainly know that ventilated ovens distribute heat more evenly and, rather than immediately removing the food from the oven, turn off the electrical appliance a little earlier and finish cooking the food with the oven off. For long cooking, the fearless could add refractory bricks inside the oven. The refractory bricks are able to accumulate heat and release it slowly, they can help reduce electricity consumption by 5 percent. Staying in the kitchen, if you have a fireplace ... why not buy a lava stone so that you can cook in the fireplace? Cooking at no cost!



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