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High efficiency air conditioning

High efficiency air conditioning

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Energy efficiency, even those who have only heard of it know very well which systems consume the most energy: heating and cooling. For heating, thermostats and insulating panels think about maximizing efficiency, as far as cooling is concerned, an old technology could achieve energy savings ranging from 40 to 90 percent.

When we talk about energy efficiency we seek the answers in the latest technologies, this time Judkoff of the Department of Energy National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), found the solution in the past, adapting it to the present day with a new design.

We have already talked about Abba's terracotta pots and how simple theories of thermodynamics can change the lives of millions of people. Abba's vases exploit the semi-porosity of terracotta to recreate green refrigerators. Today, the semi-porosity of high-tech membranes can maximize the yield of air conditioners, thus was born the first DEVAP (Desiccant-Enhanced Evaporative) prototype, recognized with the R&D 100 Award, a title described as the Oscar of Technology.

The system uses a sort of "evaporative cooling ". The system developed by the American engineers plans to abandon the current system based on refrigerant fluids in favor of “evaporative cooling”, a process that uses pumps, fans and water. The water is evaporated and used to cool the rooms.

This system is similar to that seen in evaporative air conditioners, the swamp coolers. A major limitation of evaporative air conditioners is that they only work well in arid areas because they release the humidity produced into the air, the prototype DEVAPinstead, it breaks down all limits and exceeds all expectations of energy efficiency. The researchers used calcium chloride as a desiccant, managing to absorb water and make the surrounding air drier.

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