Photovoltaic incentives 2013

Photovoltaic incentives 2013

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The Energy bill represents a point of reference for those who want to invest in renewable energies. The user who in this 2013 wants to make a photovoltaic system can count on incentives of the Energy bill, or, alternatively, to one of the energy services offered by the ESCOs.

Photovoltaic Incentives 2013, an overview
From 1 January 2013, to reimburse the energy produced and fed into the electricity grid, the so-called all-inclusive rate, a specific tariff is also attributed to the self-consumed energy quota. The plants entered into operation in 2013 will be recognized for 20 years, then until 2033. The installations who can take advantage of incentives 2013 they are both small and large.

  • Small plants with an installed power not exceeding 1000 kw, installed on buildings. Plants that operate in exchange on site with a power not exceeding 200 kw and plants installed on public areas. Small plants can benefit from bonuses combined with the efficient use of energy, which provides for an increase in the tariff.
  • Large plants, that is solar systems with a power exceeding 1,000 kW and other systems that do not meet the requirements of "small plants "
  • Innovative integrated photovoltaic systems, i.e. systems made with latest generation and unconventional modules that integrate or replace certain architectural elements
  • Concentrating photovoltaic systems
  • The photovoltaic incentives can be accompanied by the so-called "bonus eternity "

Photovoltaic Incentives 2013, rates
The plants that came into operation in the first half of 2013 envisage the following tariffs for the production of photovoltaic energy, it will be worse for the plants that came into operation in the second half of 2013: a reduction of 9 per cent will have to be applied to the following tariffs.

For the integrated photovoltaic systems with features innovative, the all-inclusive tariff changes, as does that on self-consumption. Also in this case, if the plant comes into operation in the second half of 2013, the incentive undergoes a decrease, but this time only by 3 percent.

Finally, follow the rates for concentrating photovoltaic systems. In the second semester, a reduction of 3 percent must be applied to the rates shown here.

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