The floating districts of Rotterdam

The floating districts of Rotterdam

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The sea ​​level it is destined to rise, so the dry land available will be reduced. A major imbalance is expected for those cities that come to life on the water; anyone who has been to Rodderdam, Venice or Amsterdam knows what we are talking about.

Experiments for possible solutions to the problem started in Rotterdam. Among the projects in the pipeline are floating structures which could replace, at least in part, the mainland.

The first design is proof of climate changes. The architecture is given by a floating pavilion that consists of three connected hemispheres, the half spheres resemble large bubbles with a hexagonal motif, anchored in the old port of the Dutch city of Rotterdam. The pilot project was drawn up by Climate Initiative Rotterdam, with the architects DeltaSync and PublicDomain. The project constitutes an unprecedented form of innovation, sustainable architecture is proof of climate!

The first prototype it has already been successfully set up and is currently used as venues for events and exhibitions. It is almost entirely self-sufficient, features a flexible design that could be useful for a variety of functions. The first prototype was built by Dura Vermeer, le floating bubbles they occupy a total area of ​​four tennis courts and boast a height of 40 feet.


The bubbles are made of ETFE, a resistant and anti-corrosive material, very light and therefore perfect for use on structures floats. For now this is the pilot project but Rotterdam plans to build whole urban districts.

Floating neighborhoods to set up shopping malls, recreational centers, work facilities and homes. In Rotterdam, 13,000 homes are expected to be built by 2040, of which 1200 will be built on water. A realistic approach to climate changes and certainly innovative.

Video: Rising threat from the seas. DW Documentary (July 2022).


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