LG Cinema 3D, the ultra slim OLED TV

LG Cinema 3D, the ultra slim OLED TV

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OLED is the acronym of Organic Light Emitting Diodeliterally Organic light emitting diode. This technology makes it possible to create high resolution displays capable of emitting their own light: i OLED dispay they don't require any other add-ons to light up, which we see with i liquid crystal dispay where, the TV however much they may be at "flat screen", they need other supports for light emission. As is clear, with technology OLED it is possible to realize much thinner dispay and requiring fewer electric energy to work.

With technology OLED, large companies like Philips have managed to produce lamps less than 2 millimeters thick or even foldable and ultra-thin displays. The next company that has successfully exploited the characteristics of the OLED dispay is the LG that recently launched a TV OLED from 55 chicken!

There LG OLED TV has received several awards, including the recognition "Best of Show 2012 ″ of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. There OLED TV of LG is already in the market on the Korean market and will soon arrive in the new and old continent as well.

This one from LG is among the thinnest TVs available on the market. Its thickness is almost identical to that of three credit cards arranged in a sandwich! It weighs less than 750 grams and manages to give exceptional audiovisual experiences with 3D and 2D technology. Hence the name LG CINEMA 3D Smart TV.

Cinema 3D is also a smart television: it connects to the internet and offers a wide variety of applications and services. There OLED technology offers high energy efficiency, so even such a high-performance TV can be a energy saving. As already mentioned, when it comes to new technologies, you have to deal with prices: the LG TV is marketed for around $ 10,300. The commercialization of OLED TVs is a fundamental step because it guarantees us that in a few years the OLED technology will undoubtedly be more accessible.

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