Italo's passengers fly

Italo's passengers fly

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Usually when things go well the turnover soars, but in the case of Italo, which is a train, better to say that it runs. NTV has disclosed the data relating to the last month of December and the whole of 2012 with a concise statement but dripping with satisfaction. To justify the good humor are the numbers, which are decidedly flattering and suggest aItaly who gets on the train and maybe even on the run. The direction is the right one because, let's not forget, the train is green.

Here is the data. Italo closed 2012 with over 2 million people transported and a monthly increase of 25% in the number of passengers (the comparison is with November 2012). In detail, December, the eighth month of operation, recorded the following numbers relating to the traffic served: 1,295 trains run; 445.697 travelers transported (+ 25% compared to November); 51% of average load factor; 188,566 enrolled in the Italo Più loyalty program.

Overall, from the beginning of the activity (April 28, 2012) NTV performed 6,485 trains with a punctuality rate of 94.4% e a total of 2,051,702 passengers transported. The active connections now cover all of Italy from Naples to go up, with the latest news from Milan-Ancona and the one just preceding the Milan-Turin.

Already respectable but in further improvement i travel times declared in the 2013 timetable which entered into force on 9 December 2012: for the route Milan Porta Garibaldi-Naples Central Station it takes 4h 37 '(the gain is 9 minutes compared to the 2012 timetable). Even shorter trip between Milan PG and Rome Ostiense, in both directions (-4 minutes), as well as between Rome Ostiense and Venice Santa Lucia (-9 minutes). Non-stops are also faster in 2013: the Milan PG-Rome Ostiense and the Milan Rogoredo-Rome Tiburtina (in both directions) they gain 5 minutes.

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