Green economy business ideas

Green economy business ideas

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That of green economy it's a tempting business in times of unemployment. It is no coincidence that it has an edge: 38.2% of hiring in 2012 is due to companies that have invested in green technology. It is a fact that emerges from the report of the GreenItaly 2012, according to which about 241,000 of the total of over 631,000 are attributable to green companies.

Green economy business ideas. Green figures
With the advent of Green economy business ideas with specific knowledge and skills are being developed. Green jobs can be considered all activities that deal with the research and development of new technologies, good energy functioning, the creation of organic products and the correct collection, treatment and subsequent disposal of waste.

Here are some of the new professions operating in the green economy
The biotechnologist produces (or studies the methods of production) biofuels and depollution systems. The territory administrator has the task of managing and analyzing the formation (flora, fauna, geological structure) of a territory, also in light of the relevant European directives. The Landscape Designer is the one who protects the green even in the city, with the creation of ad hoc areas.

The Environmental impact assessor he is a figure halfway between the engineer and the jurist who knows European and international standards to draw up technical assessments on urban and corporate projects.

L'Ecotourist is a tour operator that promotes itineraries (including agro-food) far from conventional destinations.

But there are less technical profiles like it 0 km organic chef, who cooks using only local ingredients, or the agent who sells packages of solar panels to condominiums. In short, the ecological breakthrough he can catch anyone. Many of the professions operating in the green economy they are new, while others are professions that already exist but are carried out according to the protection of the environment.



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