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Underground Power, transforming kinetic energy into electricity

Underground Power, transforming kinetic energy into electricity

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Underground Power is the leading company in the design and production of systems capable of converting linear motion into electric energy thanks to the development and production of "energy harvesting", That is, those devices capable of collecting and converting environmental energy.

The company has produced a device that exploits the'kinetic energy of moving vehicles.
It's about technology Lybra, a road slowing mechanism capable of transforming the enormous amount ofkinetic motion produced by traffic in electric energy CO2 free. A modular device 10 cm high, 3 meters wide and 1 meter long, which can be installed in the deceleration zones and compensate the CO2 produced by traffic with the traffic itself.

This patented technology from Italy is a real innovation with respect to technologies "greens"And simultaneously performs four different fundamental functions for the improvement of city life:
1- Slow down the cars.
2- Collects their kinetic energy.
3- Converts kinetic energy into electrical.
4- It transfers this energy to the national electricity grid.

How the device works Lybra?
Every time a car slows down from 50 to 20 km / h it wastes just over 20 Wh of energy.
It would seem a small amount, but if we consider an intersection or a roundabout with average traffic, the amount reaches more than 500,000 kWh per year power entirely wasted on heat and exhaust gases at each stop. When a car passes over a moduleLybra, it slows down and automatically yields a part of its ownkinetic energy to the structure that converts it to electric energy through the use of a generator.

What are the main features that make this platform a fundamental ally in the battle against pollution? The advantages are manifold.
It does not alter the habits of citizens.
It is easy to install.
It has reduced maintenance costs.
It features high efficiency.
It has a compact design.

Interports, motorway toll booths, intersections, car parks and rest stations are slowdown areas in whichkinetic energy of the vehicle is missing.
Therefore recover a part of thatpower wasted would result in the production of electric energy alternatively for the benefit of greater road safety.

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