Disposal of wet waste

Disposal of wet waste

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In waste management, a great importance is represented byWet, that is, all those fermentable organic substances that are discarded by human activities, domestic and otherwise.

In theWet all fall within organic compounds, such as fruit peels, leftovers from lunch but not only, as it can also include the skin of clothes, coffee grounds and leaves and branches cut from your garden.
About 30% of the volume of waste conferred in rubbish dump is represented byhumid and this is the main reason why it must be recycled.

The disposal of wet waste can it be a resource?
The separate collection ofhumid it can lead to enormous environmental and economic benefits. The best solution for it disposal of wet waste and the composting.
In this way a precious material is more and more stolen from landfills and started a complete recovery, contributing significantly to the solution of two serious problems: lo disposal of wet waste and the progressive impoverishment of organic substances in agricultural soils.

What is the composting?
It is an aerobic process in which organic residues are transformed into compost from bacteria already present naturally. This process leads to the formation of an excellent agricultural fertilizer.
To obtain compost the stages of quality composting must be followed, paying particular attention to some parameters such as: temperature, humidity, oxygenation. The control of these parameters is essential for the microbial activity that allows the biological degradation of the organic substance.
The compost it can be reused in the vegetable garden or home garden and in agriculture. In fact, the soil, often too exploited and depleted by intensive cultivation, increasingly needs organic substances to regain the lost balance.

Disposal of wet waste. The waste
In rejection humid (organic or biodegradable) it is possible to confer:
kitchen scraps
spoiled food
egg shells
vegetable and fruit waste
coffee grounds
tea filters
excrement, litter of small pets
cut flowers and home plants
old bread
greased paper towels
extinguished ashes of fireplaces
small bones and shells of mussels

How does it happen disposal of wet waste.
THE Organic waste they are delivered in special containers. The Municipality can choose to carry out door-to-door collection, or place special bins in the municipal streets. Later theWet it is transported to the storage facility for a biological process that will last at least eight months.

The bag for it waste disposal it must be mandatory compostable: check if the bag bears the wording bag conforming to the UNI EN 13432-2002 standard or similar terms that declare compliance with this specific standard.
The use of bags does not compostable may be sanctioned pursuant to the consortium regulations for the management of urban waste with a pecuniary administrative sanction from Euro 25.00 to Euro 150.00.

The disposal of wet wastemakes it easier to recover “dry” materials useful for recycling such as paper, glass, plastic, metals, etc.

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