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It made its debut on the market starting last July but there are many doubts about it Smart electric bike. Let's try to do some clarity.

No road tax, insurance or license plate. No maintenance or fuel!
Despite being a self-propelled vehicle "assisted", the Smart bike no need for stamp duty, insurance or anything else. Furthermore, the practicality of its components does not require any particular maintenance, indeed, a conventional bike may require more manpower.
When will I have to change the betteria? The battery will begin to lose a few beats only from the third year of the vehicle's life.

Off with the chains
There Smart bike abandon the old metal chain and embrace a carbon toothed belt. 118 teeth that lead to the goal in extreme safety. The toothed belt is not only safer but requires no maintenance or lubrication (not dirty!), It is silent, weighs only 80 grams and enriches the look of theebike.

The engine
The electric motor of the Smart bike offers four levels in drive mode. In this way, the pedal assistance will be adjusted by the user. The electric motor of 250 Watt allows to reach, according to the legal limits imposed in Italy, a maximum speed of 25 km / h. The electric motor equipped by the Smart bike it is housed in the rear wheel hub, is a brushless BionX and, like the belt, does not require any maintenance. The engine has a maximum torque of 35 Nm.
Doubt: it is possible to drive the Smart bike like a simple bicycle? Of course, it will be enough to disable all levels of pedal assistance.

How far Smart eBike can go
With its 423 Wh power, the lithium-ion battery is able to guarantee a maximum range of 100 kilometers. The battery is perfectly integrated into the frame and acts as an ideal counterweight to the engine which, as mentioned, is located in the rear wheel. There Smart bike can go beyond 100 kilometers, guarantees up to 100 kilometers in assisted pedaling but by deactivating this mode the cyclist can get anywhere.

The charging times
The battery recharges up to 80% in about three hours, while it takes 5 hours to reach a full charge. The battery weighs 3.3 kg and guarantees 500 complete cycles and a minimum residual capacity of 80% for at least two years.

For the pilot
There Smart bike it is equipped with a basic display that allows you to manage standard functions such as partial mileage, residual energy, light intensity of the headlights, speed ... electric motor it can only be activated when the basic display is equipped, therefore simply removing this device when parking the Smart bike, can act as an anti-theft device.

The rider / cyclist can also count on more sophisticated applications, developed specifically for the iPhone. In this case it will be necessary to equip theebike Smart with an ad hoc support. Since autumn 2012 the smart ebike App and thanks to the support it will be possible to use the smartphone while driving or even recharge it with theUSB interface as standard.

What do I transport?
The Smart bike weighs 26.1 kg and can carry a maximum load of 114 kg, including luggage.

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