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Snow Leopard Day, the fourth edition has started

Snow Leopard Day, the fourth edition has started

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One day in climb the snowy mountains for it Snow Leopard. If I say Snow Leopard some will think of the old Apple operating system, others will think of the fragile image of the snow leopard. Even an agile and powerful animal like the Snow leopard has its frailties and needs our help to preserve its habitat. It is estimated that between 4,300 and 7,200 currently exist leopards in the wild, threatened by poaching and by the decimation of theirs ecosystem.

Since 1981 the organization Snow Leopard Trust undertakes to safeguard the remaining specimens. The endangered feline can be helped with one simple climb. The leading company in DYNAFIT ski touring calls, for the fourth time, to gather all the skiers who want to climb the mountain to help the Snow leopard.

DYNAFIT will transform the meters of altitude reached into a donation for it Snow Leopard Trust, in other words, for every meter of mountain climbed, DYNAFIT will donate one euro cent to the Snow Leopard Trust. The more participants, the higher the donation.

The project has international importance and there are three Italian stages distributed between February and March. The appointments concern the Aosta Valley, Piedmont and South Tyrol. The aim is to safeguard an endangered species. Internationally it Snow Leopard Day will begin on 9 February and will close on 7 April, the countries involved are nine: Germany, France, Greece, Italy, Japan, Austria, Romania, Switzerland and Slovenia.

The appointments for Italy
In Italy, the days dedicated to the snow leopard will take place on 23 February in Champorcer in the Aosta Valley, on 23 March on Alpe Devero in the province of Verbania and finally on 30 March in Racines in South Tyrol.

Everyone is welcome, every meter is important!
It does not matter if you are a beginner or if you have been skiing mountaineering for decades, the important thing is to participate and accumulate precious meters that they can safeguard the snow leopard.

Video: First Snow Leopard Conservation Centre of India in uttarakhand (July 2022).


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