Smoothies of kiwi oranges apples

Smoothies of kiwi oranges apples

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We are in January and in this period we have the privilege of still being able to take advantage offruit winter like oranges, kiwis, apples.
For those who follow a diet linked to the seasons and do not buy greenhouse vegetables, this is the right time to indulge in excellent products smoothies of kiwi oranges apples.

What are the smoothiesthe?
Thesmoothie it is made by blending fruit (preferably with the peel if edible, due to its fiber content) to which you can add water, milk, liquid yogurt, juice and fruit juices. They should always be mixed well before drinking them to prevent the solid part from settling on the bottom of the glass. The consistency of the smoothie it must be more liquid than creamy.

Smoothies kiwi oranges apples. The preparation
It is good to choose i kiwi, oranges and the apples with a sweet taste, to avoid having to add sugar which would unnecessarily weigh down the calorie intake.
Peel the Kiwi and the apples (if the apples they are organic it is preferable not to peel them) and cut them into slices and squeeze them oranges. Transfer to mixer the Kiwi, the apples and the juice of oranges and add 200 ml of water. Blend everything and serve.

Smoothies kiwi oranges apples. Beneficial properties
It goes without saying that such drinks are full of beneficial properties and different health benefits depending on the type of fruit and vegetables used. Let's consider a smoothie based on apples, kiwis and oranges.
The Kiwi and the oranges they are very rich in vitamin C, useful for treating colds, fighting anemia and the consequences of a vegetative diet. They are helpful, especially in this winter season, for those subject to flu and exhaustion.

Thereapple it contains pectin, a substance capable of purifying us of toxic substances, and therefore very suitable for the diet of those who live in particularly polluted or smog-filled areas. The peel is particularly rich in fiber and beneficial substances so it would be good to always buy organic apples to be sure you can also consume the outer part.

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