The train? Improve your life

The train? Improve your life

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Italo's interiors

The nice thing about this news is that it comes from abroad, where evidently theitalian style it still has its charm and when we're good others go wow. The point: the influential British magazine Wallpaper Magazine included Italo, the train made by Alstom for society New Passenger Transport (NTV), among the winners of the prestigious Design Award 2013.

The Design Award 2013 it is awarded every year to the most beautiful and innovative products on the market, in practice to the excellence of international design and style. In particular the train Italo of NTV, in operation in Italy since last April, was awarded the category Life enhancer of the year , the section dedicated to projects that improve life.

The international newspaper Wallpaper is a global style brand which comes out every month in 93 countries around the world, publishes a special edition for iPad and boasts a Twitter profile with over 780,000 followers.

Each year the editorial staff entrusts a panel of big names in fashion, design and architecture with the responsibility of selecting the best of the best of the past year for 11 different categories: from the best city, to the most interesting fashion collection, to the restaurant rated number one in the world.

The train Italo, in 8 months of operation, it has already transported over 2 million travelers. The average load factor is 51% and those enrolled in the Italo Più loyalty program there are 188,566.

From 28 April 2012, New Passenger Transport it performed 6,485 trains with a punctuality rate of 94.4%. Active connections cover all of Italy from Naples upwards. The campaign was launched for the winter season Snow with the Train which provides travelers with discounts and connections with buses to the major ski resorts in Trentino and the Aosta Valley.

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