The first electric ferry in the world

The first electric ferry in the world

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THE ferries they burn a lot of fuel, sail the seas and pollute the environment. In Norway the days of the ferries pollutants ended up leaving room for a electric ferry which will sail Norwegian waters from 2015. Il electric ferry it can accommodate 360 ​​passengers and 120 cars. It will be operated by the Norlend shipping company and will cross the Norwegian fjords from Sognefjord.

While for the automotive industry i charging times can be a problem, but not for maritime transport! The electric ferry recharges in just ten minutes, the battery can propel the electric motor at a speed of 10 knots under normal weather conditions. To guarantee these short recharging times, the electric ferry was made with very light materials such as aluminum.

When it comes to electric mobility Norway can teach a lot, from 2015 Norwegian dealers could only sell electric and hybrid cars (read this articles). In the past 2012 alone, over 10,000 were sold in Norway electric cars. There are more than 3,500 charging stations and 100 fast charging stations. In short, little Norway seems to be the homeland of electric mobility from asphalt to maritime transport.

Why is electric mobility so widespread in Norway?
The reason why Norwegians choose the electric cars to conventional cars is simple, the price. If it is unthinkable for us Italians to buy aelectric car due to the high price, the situation changes for the Norwegians. Thanks to government intervention, Norway can count on safer and cleaner mobility; to begin with, the government does not impose taxes on the import of electric vehicles and then there are the incentives that make the price of electric cars even more competitive. This is why in Norway the Nissan Leaf ranks thirteen of the best-selling vehicles and the number of bookings for the Testla S is also on the rise!

Video: Finlands first electric car ferry Elektra (July 2022).


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