Canned vegetables

Canned vegetables

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The canned vegetables they allow us to benefit from the properties and flavor of what is stored even in periods when the fresh product is not available. Yes they can to preserve tomatoes, courgettes, artichokes, aubergines, peppers, carrots etc.

The vegetables they can be preserved in glass jars, bottles, wooden containers, terra cotta. The important thing is to follow the correct procedure for the preservation of vegetables.

Canned vegetables. The glass containers
Glass jars must be sterilized and hermetically sealed with special metal capsules. The caps must be equipped with a small disc, swollen in the center, which is squeezed with a slight "clop" when a vacuum has been created inside the jar. There vegetables could be preserved also in jars with rubber ring and hook closure.
Tips: The product can be potted hot or cold, it is important that the pot respects the same temperature as the product to be potted. The jars should never be filled to the brim, but at least a finger below.

Canned vegetables. The bottles
Before proceeding to storage, make sure the bottles are sterilized. They must be filled according to the same procedures as glass jars: if the product is to be placed hot, the bottle must be hot, if it is to be placed cold it must be cold. To close them you can use metal crown caps and the capper, rather than cork ones. Glass bottles are especially suitable for storage of the sauce and tomato purée.

Canned vegetables. Wooden containers
Wooden containers should be indicated for to preserve sauerkraut, gherkins and salted olives. The caps must be sealed to allow sterilization.

Canned vegetables. The labels
Since it is difficult after some time to remember whether it is in oil or pickles, it is advisable to use labels to record all the characteristic data of the vegetable preserves. The date of preparation and the type of food must be marked on the labels preserved vegetables.

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