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Audi bikes

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We have already told you about the Audi electric bike and we also showed you a rich photo gallery. Almost a year has passed since the presentation of its first prototype and the German car manufacturer is not ready to say a single word about its launch. The public is impatient but the wait is still long, just think of the electric bicycle Smart, the car manufacturer took several years from the presentation of the first prototype to the official launch which took place only last summer. We just have to wait confidently!

Audi bikes, data sheet
Name: Audi Wörthersee
Designer: Wolfgang Egger
Design: minimal
Frame + swingarm weight: 1.6 kg
Total weight: 21 kg
Lithium-ion battery, weighs 5 kg is from 580 Wh at 48V
Maximum speed: 80 km / h
Electric motor: max 2.3 kW with 250 Nm torque
Power to weight ratio of 7 kg / CV
Autonomy: up to 70 km
Gearbox: nine-speed hydraulic
Brakes: disc, hydraulic
Air suspension

At first glance, the wide wheels cannot fail to catch the eye, they give the vehicle a great sense of stability. Despite the size, the 26 ″ wheels weigh only 600 grams each, this is made possible by the manufacturing material, the CFRP, a plastic material reinforced with carbon fibers. The same material is used for the construction of the swingarm (upside down type) and the frame; to optimize the overall weight, the entire structure is reinforced only in the areas where it is subjected to greater mechanical stress.

Technologies are not limited to materials, the Audi bike can sport a computer onboard touch screen integrated into the upper beam of the frame. The computer can be connected wirelessly to a smartphone thanks to the on-board WLAN system consisting of an antenna located in the front brake wiring.

The ride modes are different, from the Pure, which allows the cyclist to pedal the Audi bike and use it in the traditional way, in the e-Grip mode that allows you to tow the Audi bike exclusively with the electric motor. With the e-Grip mode the cyclist can reach the maximum speed of 50 km / h, it is with the Pedelec mode that the maximum speed of 80 km / h is reached; here the cyclist can exploit the power of his muscles combined with that of the electric motor. There is also an anti-theft system, LED lighting and ad hoc programs to make the cyclist's transport experience perfect.

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