Honda Urban Concept Suv

Honda Urban Concept Suv

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The Detroit Auto Show of this new year has unveiled several cards, among these there is theUrban Concept SUV by Honda. Honda will market its new car in the next one 2014. The Urban Concept SUV has all the appearance of a crossover and theHonda announced that her little one suv could follow in the footsteps of Honda Fit, in Italy, better known as Honda Jazz. This would mean that, just like the Honda Fit (Honda Jazz), the crossover could be available not only with a combustion engine but also in a hybrid or fully electric version.


Unfortunately, as happens with the presentations of the first prototypes, we have few certainties. Among these we know the new Suv Honda it will be produced at the Mexican Honda plant, near Celaya. The small suv will be produced together with the Honda Fit and should make its debut on the US market in the spring of 2014 and only later, if the Japanese company wants, also in Europe.

L'Honda announces that her baby SUV will feature reduced consumption and a more affordable price than expected. The small suv of Honda will be characterized by the maximum configurability of the seats so that the vehicle can also be used for freight transport in addition to the more conventional one for passengers.

L'Urban Suv compact in size, it attracts attention for the design of the bodywork, in fact the aesthetic differs greatly from that already seen on current Honda models. Its look is largely attributable to that of the Tesla Model X. L'Urban Suv of Honda is long as soon as 4.29 meters but the Japanese car manufacturer manages to insure reduced consumption thanks to Earth Dreams technology, a complex of solutions intended to drastically cut CO2 emissions that Honda has decided to reduce by 30 per center by 2020.


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