Incentives for cars 2013

Incentives for cars 2013

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We are in January and the so long awaited 2013 car incentives they have been postponed to a later date. In the absence of the decree implementing Law 134 of 7 August 2012, the disbursement stops and the available fund is reduced.

The decree should have been issued by mid-October, but the timeframe has lengthened pending the approval of the Stability Law, approved by the Senate on 20 December and being approved by the House.
According to some sources, the resolution of the regulation will take place towards the end of January, with the incentives 2013 which will slip at the end of February. In the meantime, a website will also have to be created where you can book incentives, which must then be converted into purchases within the following 90 days. In the meantime, what has changed?

Incentives for cars 2013. Reduction of incentives
The resources available should have been 140 million euros spread over three years (2013-2015). Instead, it will drop to just 110 million, divided as follows: 40 million euros over 2013, 35 next year and in 2015.

Incentives for cars 2013. Distribution of incentives
The provisions for accessing the eco-incentives will be directed only to the purchase of new cars, be they electric, hybrid or bi-fuel, with the guiding parameter of CO2 emissions below 120g / km.

The first year, the cut will only affect cars with emissions between 51 and 95 g / km and between 96 and 120 g / km. For cars with CO2 emissions not exceeding 50 g / km you can count on a contribution of 20% of the purchase price up to a maximum of 5,000 euros (15% up to a maximum of 3500 euros in 2015), of 4,000 euro (3,000 in 2015) for the purchase of vehicles with overall emissions not exceeding 95 g / km and of 2,000 euro (1,800 in 2015) for cars below 120 g / km of CO2.

This unexpected tile will impact sales, especially for those who postponed the purchase in 2012, relying on the incentives 2013?

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